We help design and create sustainable packaging solutions that meet specific needs of your enterprise. Yantra Packs enables better product protection, cost reduction and increasing sustainability through innovative packaging materials and designs.


We help improve performance of re-usable packaging assets, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. Yantra Packs provides preventative maintenance, repair and replacement, and real-time monitoring to identify and address issues before they become major problems, ultimately leading to increased asset lifespan and reduced costs.


Why procure assets when you can rent them? Yantra Packs procures supply chain assets on your behalf and leases them back to you. You can use the asset over it's life and either return them at the end of lease tenure or buy them by paying a residual value.


We assist businesses in implementing asset pooling strategies to reduce capital expenditures, improve asset utilization, and enhance sustainability. Yantra Packs provides expertise in pooling models, asset tracking technologies, and logistics optimization, leading to improved supply chain efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

About Us

Packaging Intelligence!

Yantra Packs is a returnable packaging pooling solution for intermediate use in industrial supply chains. Our core offering includes renting reusable packaging to industries as a sustainable alternate to expendable packaging (like corrugated boxes). We enable efficient use of such reusable packaging by pooling them between multiple customers (yes, you can think of us as Uber for industrial packaging). 

Incorporated as Yantraksh Logistics Private Limited

Located at B 13/14, Institutional Area, Sector32, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 

Reach out to us by writing in at sales@yantraksh.com

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