Extended Load Capacity

Yantra pack pallet’s application ranges from 800 kg to 2 tons in dynamic conditions, and up to 5 tons load capacity in static conditions.

Premium Lumber

Yantra pack’s premium quality timber is sourced from Europe, Russian Federation, Baltic States, Ukraine, and New Zealand.


100% recyclable and environment-friendly material which is compatible with dollies, conveyors, and other warehouse equipment.

Easy Repairs

Yantra pack’s Pallets are easy to repair as they are made with multiple boards which can be removed and replaced when necessary.


Our Pallets are engineered for durability. Want to move one box at a time or up to hundreds at a time? Yantra Pack’s Pallets are a time-tested solution and one that’s largely accepted as one of the best platform services in India. Our Pallets can be a powerful addition to your product handling strategy which can bring forth increased operational efficiencies in Product Stacking, storage, handling and transport of goods.